... I have firsthand knowledge and personal experience of [Bridge Foundation's] work in Kosovo, Albania, Turkey and Afghanistan. They were solely responsible for getting more than 25 airlifts into Albania and Kosovo during the Balkan conflict.  
Skender Ghilaga, President, Services Group International, Inc.


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2010 marked significant violence in the capital city of Kingston. Local Health care centers were overwhelmed. Bridge Foundation supplied several NEHK's (New Emergency Health Kits). The Health Kits comprise enough supplies to provide address basic health care needs of 10,000 people for 90 days.

Bridge Foundation organized an airlift of urgently needed disaster relief supplies to assist victims of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The airlift contained nearly 50,000 pounds of beans, rice, cooking oil, powdered milk, Infant Formula, Diapers, Jerry Cans, temporary housing and Insect control. The flight landed in Kingston.

Bridge Foundation worked with local partners from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management along with our sponsors, Red Stripe Beer. The supplies were immediately deployed by helicopter to areas in most need.


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